Christmas Card Throwdown

Christmas Card Throwdown

Monday, 2 February 2015


 Hi there everyone, hope you day will be good!!!  Here is a round Kleenix Box that I use for tissues in the car because it fits into the drink container.   I thought I would use it for storage, inspiration came from an e mail I recieved from a friend who had photo's she found on the net, don't know who was the original designer, but whoever you are, THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION>   I covered my boxes with paper from a pad I bought at Big W,  it is sturdy paper 48 pages. The manufacturer is Fabricado en chine.   the pad is called "Once upon a time" and the papers are beautiful, it cost $20 aud, but I think it is worth the cost because I will get a lot of use out of it because it is suitable for cards, mini albums, layouts etc.   anyway I measured
out the length I needed and used double sided
tape to stick it on and used various pieces out of
my stash to decorate and used hot glue to stick all on except the ribbon and lace, for these I used double sided tape, I put a ball of string inside and will be able to replace it when it is used up,  I am happy with this item, Can't wait for the next box to be empty!  Thanks for visiting!!!

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