Christmas Card Throwdown

Christmas Card Throwdown

Thursday, 24 April 2014


 These plaid cards were made for homework on Watercolour On Line Classes, and on the darker card I used Reno Art tube watercolours, although with the grey I used Jo Sonja Paynes Grey with a small amount of white colour to mix it, I also used the Lemon Yellow also with a small amount of white mixed in and the crimson red which also had some white to lighten it.   Don't like the look!!  with the Lighter shaded card I used Crayola Washable Markers, as I couldn't buy Crayola water colours, and I used Kitten Grey, Pinky Pink, and small fry yellow, these were a bit easier to use as I put the colour on my craft sheet and used lots of water, I am happier with this card, next time I think I will use my faber-castile water colour pencils and see what I get, I suppose it is all a "learning curve" and lots of practice is needed.

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