Christmas Card Throwdown

Christmas Card Throwdown

Thursday, 14 March 2013

four leafed clover for

Here is the four leafed clover that I made to wear to the St.Patrick's lunch I am going to.   I stamped out green hearts, four for the bottom layer and four for the top.   The lower leaves are dark and the upper light, I used a green gemmed brad for the centre and used green kindyglitz for the sparkle and glued them all together down the centre of the top leaves, I cut out a circle to glue them all onto,(for a base)  to hold all the leaves together, and I cut out a small green stem. I glued a brooch fixing on the back so that I can pin in on my clothes.   I am happy with this, I think it might work, if it doesn't work, I've got some green ribbon that I will just tie in a bow and wear that.

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